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Prestige 81 is a young multidisciplinary company located in a suburb of Montreal.  It offers four main services: Translation, Web design, Conferences and a DJ service.


Why create such a versatile company?  Such an idea was inspired by the versatility of its creator: Dominic Morin. He completed his degree in specialized translation (English and French) at University of Montreal before completing a minor in Spanish studies at the same institution.  As he was completing his training in translation, Mr. Morin began a self-taught training in Web design.  This visionary idea had a very precise purpose.  Not only did he want to translate company web sites, he also wanted to create them.  This way, companies would deal with one company instead of two.  The prices would be lower and the company would make some savings.  At the age of 15, he began giving some conferences to classmates and other students on motivation and on the importance of staying in school.  A couple of years later, he became a spokesperson for Immunotec Research Ltd., attending many of their annual congresses.  Afterwards, Mr. Morin began doing conferences for several companies in the Montreal area. 

Since then, he teaches employees how to achieve their goals and how to reach their full potential.  He is also teaching them how to work with disabled persons and how to adapt themselves. Since his young age, Mr. Morin has always been a master of ceremony in all kinds of events.  His DJ skills helped him acquire notoriety in his surroundings.  With time, he took it to the next level: weddings, proms and other events.

In a world where competition is fierce, the importance of distinguishing yourself from others is capital.  This is exactly what Prestige 81 offers you.  This young and dynamic company will offer you high quality translations in very reasonable delays, as well as cutting edge and innovative web sites that will meet the individual needs of each client, and also inspiring and motivating conferences and will offer you great musical events.

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Welcome into the world of Prestige 81…